About Us

There’s more to us than what we can see, more to who we are than meets the eyes. Science fiction like, it’s a dimension with importance to both our daily lives and to humanity. Once included it can help us better find our place within our immediate and larger environments. We can then more easily know what we have to contribute and how, achieve deeper perspective on our problems and their solutions, as well as have a stronger grasp of those of the world in general.


Image credit: Harriet Zeitlin

This formless dimension has three points of entry and can be reached through inner reflection, disinterested service and meditation. Meditation is not only a means to contact that inner dimension, it is also a way to equally embrace inner refection and service.

As a non-profit organization, the Inner Outer Partnership works to open, build and address the links between visible and formless dimensions – our inner and outer selves – and believes that in doing so we can more easily have at our disposal a crucial part of who we are and have available an approach that can help us ensure we can participate in improving the human condition.

If the world is to move forward, it’s not enough to better ourselves, we must also work to better humanity in a way that would overcome our many cleavages and divisions. Through meditation the Inner Outer Partnership proposes a guidance system, an outlook, a philosophy, an ethos, a way of life, a discipline, a point of view, a framework, whatever it may need to be for a given practitioner to put him/herself in a place to fulfill his/her share in eliminating what separates members of humanity from themselves and from each other.

We facilitate meditation instruction, meditation groups, publish A Larger View, a bi-monthly newsletter, occasional Commentaries and from time to time hold webinars and workshops.

How We Began

Image credit: Harriet Zeitlin

Image credit: Harriet Zeitlin

We are a tax-exempt volunteer organization funded through donations and sustained through the work of like minded people giving of themselves. Begun in 1995, the organization was founded by Danielle Levy. After five years of graduate work and two graduate degrees, while still in her early thirties, Danielle’s life took a sharp turn following a series of subjective experiences, experiences which were sufficiently powerful, she felt impelled to probe and decode them. Meditation as a means to contact and dialogue with the inner self was key to what turned into a long process. While her inner reality led her to recognize that the progress of humanity can be enhanced through learning to discover that inner dimension, it also pointed to the need to render that knowledge useful to better both our lives and humanity. Traditional goals no longer mattered. Instead she wanted to know if there was a movement taking humanity forward, and if so, how could it be recognized and how could we intelligently participate within it. Accordingly, the thrust of her adult years revolved around a singular inner journey combining research and study with thought and meditation–and to keep the process from being unduly mystical, the search was at times punctuated by a series of professional jobs–from project development for a prize winning architect to working with the adoption of abused children.

Also trained as a journalist, Danielle has written articles and a few years ago published a collection of essays on race relations, “New Wine and Old Bottles, Creating a Newer Vision”. Danielle now directs the Inner Outer Partnership and is working to demonstrate how its principles can lead us to more fitting answers.