Where It Begins

Several times in the days before Christmas, little Roma, in between 31/2 and 4, commented “I have so many presents!” This is the first year she is old enough to begin to comprehend the magic of Santa Claus and the idea of gifts. Also as my experience with her reminds me, it is the age when her understanding is ready to be paired with constructive values.

“What are you going to do with all of them?” I asked?

“You know”, she began, as if she were 10 times her age, “I’m going to give them… there are children who don’t have any toys.”

Needless to say I was impressed that a child—correction, a person—her age, would be so aware of sharing and giving. I couldn’t help wondering where she had picked up all that went into her thoughts.  I do talk to her about giving and sharing, but I never said anything about needy children. Then of course I remembered the role her parents play. They want to make sure their daughter grows up to be her best self, and that does begin with teaching her higher values.

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